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It’s Complicated…..The Relationship of Complexity Theory to Normative Discourse in Science, Society, and Beyond“.

This event occurred on Nov 14th, 2017 at Clark Center S360, Stanford University.

At the end of the symposium, we had an interactive musical performance, “Active Matter”, by Pam K. Davis, Lucy Liuxuan Zhang, and Xiaohan Zhang. 

There were three focusing questions for the Symposium:

  • What is “Complexity Science”?
  • How is Complexity Science integrated into various disciplines?
  • How does Complexity Science affect how we solve scientific, social, or philosophical problems?


Topic Name Institution Website

History & Philosophy of Science:

Carlos Gershenson Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
  Rasmus Winther University of California, Santa Cruz
  Jessica Riskin Stanford University

Earth Sciences:

Susan Hough USGS
  Morgan Page USGS
  Kristy Tiampo Colorado


Neo Martinez University of Arizona
  John Harte University of California, Berkeley
  Kai Zhu University of California, Santa Cruz
  Deborah Gordon Stanford University

Social Sciences:

Amir Goldberg Stanford Graduate School of Business
  François Diaz-Maurin Stanford University