“Explaining Multiple Forms of Conscious Awareness, and More,” Dr. Frank Heile, Dec. 6th, 4:30-6pm, Alway M114.

Explaining Multiple Forms of Conscious Awareness, and More,” Frank Heile, Ph.D. (Physics, Stanford)

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This talk  presents a materialistic model of consciousness that can explain the distinctions between several different forms of conscious awareness:

  • Non-human animal consciousness
  • Modern human consciousness
  • Flow state consciousness
  • “Enlightened” states of consciousness (also known as “nonduality”)
  • Consciousness experienced in Auto-Activation Deficit syndrome
  • The phenomenal consciousness vs. access-consciousness distinction proposed by NYU philosopher Ned Block
  • How spirituality developed and how its invention changed consciousness

A three-agent model of the brain, combined with the Attention Schema Theory model of awareness proposed by Princeton neuroscientist Michael Graziano, provides a framework to explain these distinctions.

Finally, this model can offer answers to the following philosophical questions:

  • Why does conscious awareness seem to be fundamentally non-physical and to not have a location in space?
  • What conditions cause conscious awareness to arise?
  • Can conscious awareness exist without a “self?”
  • Do humans have free will?

There is bound to be disagreement with the proposed answers to these questions, but these concrete answers provide a starting point for thought-provoking discussions! For more details about the proposed model, please reference an additional description here: http://complexity.stanford.edu/blog/seminar-by-dr-frank-heile-on-dec-6th-430-6pm-in-alway-m114.

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